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November News

You are advised that Club Lambton will be closed on Monday 4/12 for renovations to the floor behind the bar.There will be no BeConnected class that day.For people booked into the afternoon Assistance Class – please go to the Lambton Library at 1:00 pm, where we will give our assistance.REMINDER – for anyone considering going to the Computerpals Christmas lunch […]

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October Latest News

We have a social outing coming up at the Hunter Wetlands, Shortland on Friday 10th November 2023. These Wetlands are a mecca for a multitude of birdlife, with some 217 species represented in some 56 families having been recorded there, including waterbirds, migratory waders, pigeons, parrots and honeyeaters just to mention some. Ibis, egrets, ducks and […]

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