January 2024

WELCOME to the start of 2024.

Our Roster Team has met and set the 2024 Term1 class program. A copy will be sent to you by email or click here for the timetable. The first Monday of Term 1 will be an enrolment day when you can come into Club Lambton and register for the classes you would like to do.

You will be able to get in early and register for classes by phoning 0478 219 220.

If you want to have an Assistance Session you will need to be a financial club member (cost at this time of the year is $15). You can join/enrol at the Enrolment Day on 29/1/24 and pay the Treasurer in cash, or online, or at your bank. (Don’t forget to put your name and what the payment is for in the deposit details). For our Bank Account details go to  the ‘Membership’ tab or click here. 

Our Wednesday afternoon session at Hamilton Library will be at Adamstown Library for Term 1 due to the temporary closure of the Hamilton Library. The Adamstown Library address is 75 Victoria Street, Adamstown.

My warmest regards
Barry Keen

ComputerPals Newcastle helps Seniors:

  • To use computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • To enrich their lives.
  • To bridge the generation gap. 
  • To become more self-reliant.

We assist seniors to find ways to benefit themselves and the community through their collective experience and knowledge.

What does ComputerPals Newcastle offer?

Our face-to-face Be Connected classes and much more are run from Club Lambton, Wallsend Library and Hamilton Library. Click here for our venues and times. We are also conducting online ZOOM sessions for other classes (check your email or (better still) you send us an email to enquire what’s on and when and how to get onto the session). 

Be Connected – What is it?

Be Connected is an Australia-wide Federal Government initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. There are online learning resources as well as a network of community partners – the Be Connected Network – who offer in-person support so you can develop your digital skills and confidence.

Click here for more information on BeConnected.
Click here for the current timetable.
Click here to go to the Be Connected website.
Click here for our class venues and times.

Courses by ComputerPals

Here are some topics you might be interested in learning about:

    • Learn about Windows 10 and 11.
    • Understand your android apple phone or tablet.
    • Take better photos and create your own photobook.
    • Learn about internet and email security.
    • Special Interest Groups – Digital Photography, Creative Writing and MemoryPals.
Click here for information on ComputerPals Courses.
Click here for ComputerPals course descriptions.
Click here for more information on the special interest groups.

Use the Be Connected website to learn more about the presentation topics and available dates. 

eSafety Presentations

Some eSafety Presentations offered in 2024:
  • Apps for smarter travel
  • Useful tips for using your android phone
  • Iphone basics
  • Technology and your health
  • and more…
Click here for more information

Looking for something to listen to over the holidays?

Did you know Be Connected has a podcast series? 

With 12 episodes you can listen to today, there’s so much to discover over the holidays, including what online scammers don’t want you to knowinternet trivia questions and more. 

Joining a Zoom session for the First Time?

Don’t worry, we can help you out.
Click here for a rundown on the ‘How to’ by BeConnected.
Click here for a print copy of the instructions.

Contact Us

Email address: contact@computerpals.org.au

Mobile: 0478219220 (please leave a message including your name and phone number)

Venue Addresses

Club Lambton, Lambton Bowling Club, 51 Kaloola Rd, Lambton NSW 2299 

Wallsend Library, 30 Bunn Street, Wallsend NSW 2287

Hamilton Library, 45 James Street, Hamilton NSW 2303

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