For Be Connected participation only, membership is not required. It is free.

To participate in our club courses it is necessary to be a member.

The club is run by volunteers and we try to keep our costs as low as possible. Membership fees cover
  • insurance costs,
  • computer software and equipment,
  • phone and internet connection costs,
  • printing and advertising costs
There are extra costs for the social activities, depending on the activity.


New members pay an annual membership fee of $25.
The annual membership renewal is due on 1st July each year.
Course classes are usually 1½ hrs. The cost of each session is $5.
Classes over multiple weeks are $5 per session/week.
Access to Thursday ZOOM sessions is $10 per term. 

For a Membership Application form click here

PAYMENT OPTIONS (sorry we don’t have card payment facilities or PayPal)


Payable only at the Open Day Morning. The Treasurer will be on duty to issue cash receipts for all payments.  (Note – For security reasons tutors are not authorised to accept cash payments at their courses so you can’t pay on the day of your class).


Membership and course fees can be paid by mailing a cheque to Computerpals, PO Box 73, Broadmeadow NSW 2292. New members should attach their Membership Application form (downloadable from here) and existing members should attach a note with their name advising renewal.


(including Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank account and over the counter deposits at your bank or financial organisation)

There are only a limited number of characters which come through on our bank statement so please use the following protocol in the reference section.

Your SURNAME and INITIAL, plus Membership (for membership payment) or Assistance class (for course payment) .  For example if Fred Bloggs was paying his membership renewal ($25) the reference would be – F BLOGGS Membership and the payment to be transferred would be $25.00.  If you are enrolling for an assistance class please add the reference to the specific class from the timetable eg Assistance class 48 the name and reference would be F BLOGGS Assistance Class 48

Our bank account details are – Computerpals with NPBS BSB 650 000 Account 962205402