TERM 2 Update

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CLICK HERE for the Term 2 Timetable.

REGISTER FOR CLASSES for the first 5 weeks 1st May to 1st June – CLICK HERE

Please Note: At Club Lambton on Monday 8th May there is a Ladies Bowls Gala and we will not be able to hold classes there on that day.

We will take the afternoon ComputerPals Club classes at Lambton Library where there is limited space but hopefully enough to run the Assistance classes.

We want to know what you want to learn. Some of our members have expressed interest in certain topics…

Some suggestions: Using your Android Device, Using your Apple Device, Create Your Own Photobook, Files and Folders, Using Facebook, Using (Facebook) Messenger, Google Photos, Online banking with Apps, Online Shopping, Password Management, Photo editing, Photo organisation, Selling your stuff online, Using a USB & External Hard Drive, You Tube, something else?

We have provided a form for you to give feedback on topics that you would like ComputerPals to address. CLICK HERE please and share what you want with us.